Chandelier Cleaning Faqs  

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Q&A ( feel free to contact us with any questions not answered here )

Q. Is the service done on site?
A. Yes, all services are performed on site whether at your home or business.

Q. How do you clean chandeliers?
A.  If the fixture is already hanging:
All furniture and obstacles must be cleared. (Please note that the moving of these item is the client's responsibility, if we move them we are not liable for damage.) Next, rugs are placed on the ground under the chandelier. Ladders are placed or scaffolding is set up. A careful inspection of the chandelier is done as we clean each individual crystal, chain bowl etc.. Most of these parts can be cleaned without removal,  some small parts may need to be removed and cleaned.

f the fixtures have yet to be hung:
Racks for hanging the chandelier on the ground may need to be employed. This method is most often used for new chandeliers or homes or often during remodeling.

Q. How long does the cleaning take?
A. We are able to give time ranges for the size and type of chandelier during the initial call. Due to the wide variety and condition of each fixture we cannot provide an exact time. Service time is determined by size, condition and complexity.  Please contact us with specific questions and information concerning your chandelier or light fixture, and we will give you a time estimate.

Chandelier cleaning

Q. How do you clean very hard-to-reach chandeliers?
A. For most chandeliers even high fixtures our wide variety of ladders and platforms are sufficient. For the higher, more difficult to reach chandeliers, scaffolding can be set up, or an electrician can remove the chandelier so it can be hung on a rack, cleaned and then re-hung by the electrician.

Q. What do you use to clean a chandelier?
A. We clean crystal using a special solution safe for all crystals and glass. Depending on the chandelier, the solution is either sprayed directly onto the chandelier or onto microfiber cloths and wiped on. The solution is then wiped off and the chandelier is polished with distilled water so that no minerals or cleaner is left to cause streaks. Duster and metal polish may also be employed.

Q. How often should I have my chandelier cleaned?

A.  • Every six months to once a year
      • After construction or renovation
      • After a move
      • Prior to an event or party

Q. What is the cost of your services?

A. The cost of services varies from one project to the next. The cost is determined by the scope of work to be performed. Over the phone estimates are generally quite accurate but may differ once we inspect the fixture personally. For the most accurate estimate please have general dimensions available or send a picture of your chandelier to

Q. Are emergency services available?

A. Yes, simply give us a call with details.

Q. Do you have references?
A. Yes, available upon request.

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