6 Things to look for in a Window Cleaner

1. Safety First
Do they practice work habits that keep you, their workers and the public safe? At Avid we adhere to Los Angeles and Orange County window cleaning safety laws and regulations without compromise.

2. Attentive Service
Whether on the phone or at the site it should be obvious that the window cleaner cares about your satisfaction and time. At Avid we only hire and keep workers that are customer service oriented and hard working to bear our name.

3. Professionalism
Is the window cleaner overly casual at your home or business? At Avid we deliver a high level of professionalism in our appearance behavior and service.

4. Experience
Do they have experience worthy of trust, recognition and loyalty? Avid is a small company whose experience ranges from Los Angeles high rises to Laguna Beach residences.

5. Reputation
Do they have bad reviews? Can they provide testimonials? Are they punctual and mindful of the impression they give? Every Avid employee takes stake in the companies reputation.

6. Friendliness
Quite simply are they friendly, easy to get along with and do they view their relationship with you as second only to safety in level of importance? Avid Window Cleaning's owner strongly believes in the value of a smile. If your cleaner does not have a friendly disposition than your service is free.