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Appointments & Availability back to top

  • Do you have weekend availability?  Our crew does work on Saturday and occasionally on Sundays for large projects.
  • What is the earliest or latest appointment time available? We typically schedule services at 7am, 8am, 9am or 10am and will stay until 7-8pm if needed but may be able to accommodate an earlier requested appointment.  If you would like to schedule for the afternoon simply let us know your preference when you call.
  • Can I schedule an appointment online or via e-mail?  Yes simply email us for an estimate and your time preference and we will give you a list of available times. Of course calling us would be the simplest way as our schedule can fill quickly.
  • How long will my cleaning it take?  Depending on the size of your home a service call typically last 3-8 hours.  If duration is a major consideration please ask for approximate length on your initial call.
  • How many people will arrive at my home or business?  Most jobs are assigned to one person.  In some cases more people may be assigned.  You can request more than one if you have time constraints.
  • What should I do beforehand to prepare for my appointment?  If you are having your windows cleaned please make sure all items are removed from the window sills. If you are having just the exterior windows, gutters or house pressure washing done please make sure your windows are closed all the way so that no water gets inside the house.


Basic Window Cleaning Service back to top

  • What is included in Basic Window Cleaning Service?  Basic window cleaning service includes cleaning the interior & exterior of windows, and wiping down sills.
  • Are tracks included in Basic Window Cleaning Service?  Tracks are not included in the basic window cleaning service.  We offer vinyl track cleaning for an additional charge.  We do not clean aluminum tracks (sliding door tracks etc..) unless requested
  • Can you remove paint from windows?  Yes, paint as well as stucco, silicone, stickers and other construction and remodeling debris can be removed from windows though this not covered under our "Basic Window Cleaning Service."  There is an additional charge for these services.


Cancellation Policy back to top

  • What is your cancellation policy?  Please cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance as we will still be able to schedule someone else for the time slot. Any cancellations made in less than 24 hours, same day cancellations, as well as missed appointments and lock outs will be charged a 50% cancellation fee.  Cancellations can only be made over the phone, not over e-mail or fax, as e-mails may be sent to the wrong address and faxes may be sent to the wrong number.


Construction Clean Up back to top

  • What is a construction clean up?  Construction clean up consists of removing construction and/or remodeling debris from windows.  Paint, stucco, silicone, stickers and stain are commonly removed on a construction clean up project.
  • Why does this cost extra?  Due both to the lengthening of the work for and the specialized skill required, construction clean up projects are priced at a higher rate. Construction clean up is not included in the basic window cleaning service. 
  • What kind of equipment is used in construction clean up?  Industry standard equipment including razors & scrapers will be used by trained professionals in a construction clean up.  Untrained and or inexperienced window cleaners often cause a lot of damage when doing a construction clean up.  Whether you choose Avid Window Cleaning or another company for your construction clean up, make sure the window cleaner is familiar with proper techniques, fabricating debris and tempered glass.
  • How long does a construction clean up take?  Construction clean up typically takes twice as long as basic window cleaning.


Discounts back to top

  • I have an expired coupon, will you accept it?  From time to time Avid Window Cleaning may offer a discount in coupon books.  However we can never accept expired coupons.  Valid coupons must be presented to your window cleaner when making payment. We may have a comparable coupon or promotion going so please see our specials page.
  • Do you accept competitor's coupons?  Although we do our best to beat any competitor's price we do not accept competitor's coupons.


Employees & Background checks back to top

  • Are your employees trustworthy?  When you consider a window cleaning company or you must also consider security. You want to be sure they are trustworthy.  Security & safety is of the utmost importance to us.  We would never send anyone that we wouldn't trust in our own home into a customer's home or business.
  • How much experience does your crew have?  The minimum experience for any of our staff is 1 year, however most of our employees have been cleaning windows for 3-5 years.  We have a very low turn over rate with our staff and we always send at least one qualified site supervisor to any job site, residential or commercial.


Estimates  back to top

  • Can you give an estimate over the phone or via e-mail?  Estimates can be given over the phone or via e-mail.  All customers will be provided with an estimate in writing if an e-mail, fax or mailing address is provided.
  • How long is an estimate valid?  Estimates are valid for 90 days only.  Prices are subject to change after 90 days.

Foggy Windows back to top

  • My windows look foggy, will the fog go away after the windows are cleaned?  "Foggy" windows are often damaged or defective double paned windows.  This does not clean up.  The fog between the panes of glass and comes from a broken seal on the actual window.
Guarantee back to top
  • How do i know if a cleaner is NOT right for me?  If a window cleaner is not mathematical with his pricing method there may exist a problem. They have no real set pricing, no template for bidding. This can prove detrimental to the homeowner or business owner because top-of-head bidding allows room for price-discrimination. Many window cleaners will hike up the prices if they see that the homeowner is quite well-off financially or if for some other reason they feel that the homeowner is willing or able to pay top dollar. When receiving an estimate always be sure to ask the method that the prospective window cleaner employs in order to estimate his prices. If he gives you the run-around or if he doesn't have legitimate reasons for his fees, then be quick to show him to the door.
    The price is extremely low. In this industry, the cheapest are exactly that. Many companies will bid low so as to beat other companies bids, but to compensate for the loss, they must work faster to make it worth their while. Many such workers have little time to establish a professional relationship built on trust and great performance.  Another reason such window "pros" may be able to bid so low is because of their lack of workers compensation for any employees, liability insurance, the right equipment for the job, or the right licenses and permits. Or they may not pay any taxes! Hence, less expenses, less prices.  Even their own employees wages may be too low.

Insurance  back to top

  • Do you carry insurance? Your window cleaner can provide proof of liability insurance if requested. It is noteworthy to mention that we have yet to have a single incident in which insurance was needed. We have performed hundreds of cleanings over the years and we guarantee our work and your safety.


Window Cleaning back to top

  • How often should I have my windows cleaned?  Depending on your circumstances window cleaning can be done on a call in basis, quarterly, bimonthly, monthly, biweekly or even weekly.  Many residential customers like to have windows cleaned in and out once or twice a year and the exterior of the windows cleaned quarterly or monthly, while some commercial accounts like restaurants need to have windows cleaned each week.
  • Will you call me to remind me that I need my windows cleaned?  Avid Window Cleaning will not make calls unless you ask us to.  If you would like to be put on a regular schedule for service or a reminder schedule please call the office.
  • What are the effects of not having my windows cleaned regularly? Many stains, including water stains etc, that could have been taken care of sooner may progress past the point of a regular cleaning. All too often these stains a left with no attention and can become irreversible. Stains can become embedded into the glass making it impossible to remove entirely. Sometimes these stains will disappear but only with a service not included in a basic cleaning. Different chemical and extensive attention may do the trick, but complete restoration cannot be guaranteed. Cost wise, a more regular window cleaning routine (every 3, 4, or max- 6 month) is cheaper than replacing your windows. Additionally regular care will result in windows that are cleaner, take less time to clean, and glass that is likely to last longer than if the windows where cleaned on an irregular basis. 

Noise back to top

  • Do you make a lot of noise?  Certain services may make a lot of noise (i.e. pressure washing) while other services make very little noise (Window Cleaning & Gutter Cleaning).  If you are trying to make the appointment around a nap schedule or other noise sensitive time please let your window cleaner know.  We may be able to complete that portion of the project before or after the nap time starts.

Payment back to top

  • What payment methods are accepted?  Cash, Checks made payable to "Avid Window Cleaning," MasterCard, Discover, Amex and Visa are also accepted.
  • Will I be charged sales tax?  On window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, blind cleaning or chandelier cleaning there is no sales tax charged.
  • When is payment due?  Payment is due upon completion unless other terms are granted (in writing).  Avid Window Cleaning does not offer terms to accounts less then $1000.00 of annual sales.  Credit application may be required for terms such as NET 30, NET 15, etc....  If credit terms are not granted payment can always be made with a credit card.
  • What happens if my account is past due?  If your account is past due you will be charged monthly late fees.  If your account goes 60 days past due your account will be referred to a collection agency.
  • What happens with returned checks?  $35.00 fee is added to accounts with returned checks, this fee is in addition to late fees. 

Pressure Washing  back to top

  • Do you pressure wash roofs?  Many roofs can be pressure washed.  However, If we feel that the job poses a safety risk to our employees we may decline to accept the job or there may be additional charges for equipment rental/lifts (when needed).
  • My paint is peeling will pressure washing cause the paint blister or peel more?  Pressure washers have adjustable pressure but if your paint is already blistered or peeling up it is extremely likely that more peeling will occur.  Pressure washing can be used to remove paint from surfaces before repainting.
  • Can you remove gum & oil from parking lots & driveways?  In most cases gum can be removed & the look of oil reduced but likely not completely eliminated. 

Pricing  back to top

  • How do window cleaners get their prices?  Many window cleaners will bid by how long they feel the job will take, thus more experienced window cleaners may actually charge less! The average price in California is $40-60 an hour. Other Window Cleaners charge by size and amount of windows or by the square footage of a home. Others yet combine methods. Pricing may at first seem steep but one must remember that window cleaners have many expenses such as insurance, equipment purchase and maintenance, payroll, taxes, travel and vehicular expenses, advertising, office expense etc.. Furthermore, window cleaning is one of the most dangerous occupations in the country. Avid Window Cleaning continues to keep costs low by efficient time and investment managing. We do almost no advertising due to satisfied customers who return and refer. 

Products & Chemicals back to top

  • What sort of products or chemicals are used?  Avid Window Cleaning uses industry standard chemicals which for the most part are safe, non toxic chemicals.

 Rain Policy  back to top

  • What happens if it is raining during my scheduled appointment?  Climbing on ladders during rain is a safety hazard.  If it begins raining during your appointment or before your appointment we will need to reschedule.  
  • How much does rain affect clean windows?  Not as much as on may assume since all the dirt that was once on the window is gone, rain drops have nothing to cling to, thus rain has little to no affect on clean windows. We're sure you would agree that the reason that one would want ones windows serviced in the first place would be because of attached dirt, pollutants, insect or bird stains, salt water presence in the air, or other longer term moisture presence. It takes time for moisture to affect the clarity of glass.  


References  back to top

  • How can I get a list of references? Yes simply request one on your initial call or email.


Tips back to top

  • Should I tip?  Tipping is never required, but greatly appreciated.  Tips can be paid by cash, or added to a check or credit card payment.  If adding tip to a check payment make sure you make a note of it on the memo line of your check.