High Rise Window Cleaning

High Rise Window Cleaning
Our advantage is our experience.

Avid Window Cleaning is a preferred contractor for various construction, maintenance and management companies. We are well established as a reputable high rise solution due to a high level of expertise and integrity offered at competitive rates. Every bid and placement builds on just that. Our clients depend on our honest and expert window technicians and consultation for the image of their properties. At Avid Window Cleaning every high rise project is our most important project. Our workers are capable and experienced in the use of safety belts, stage, chair, lift, pole, and ladder work. We will provide current licensing and insurance documentation upon request.

       Services List:

  • High Rise / Mid Rise Window Cleaning
  • Fascia Wash / Pressure Washing
  • Power Washing / Pressure Rinsing
  • Sign Cleansing
  • Chandelier / Light Fixture Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • High Dusting / Fan Cleaning
  • Custom Cleaning
  • Route Services
  • Emergency Cleaning
  • Easy Account Management
  • Services Consultation 

Equipment and Preparation
High Rise Window Systems


Water Fed Pole Window CleaningWater Fed Pole

( Pure Water System )
This method, using water fed poles is by far the safest and most effective way of cleaning windows, facades ever developed. We can reach up to 70 ft ( 5 - 7 floors) with the operators feet never leaving the ground, so there is absolutely no risk of falling from any height, alleviating you from any health & safety worries. We arrive on site equipped with a advanced purified water system for the cleanest of clean windows. A hosepipe supplies Glass & Carbon Fiber Poles which telescope up to 65 ft & deliver Pure water to the window. The glass is first washed then brushed and finally rinsed off. The nature of Pure water is to strive to return to its former impure state by actively absorbing all dirt, chemicals & minerals it comes across leaving the glass spotless & sparkling. In fact using our Pure Water System produces results that are second to none.


Boom Lift Window Cleaning
Access Platforms

( Boom, Man lifts )  

All operatives are trained with qualifications for the whole range of access platforms from specialist compact machines which will fit through a single doorway, to large hydraulic truck mounts extending up to 90 feet. We will us this access option when roof conditions and repelling work is unfavorable. We work with our clients to provide the morst viable and safe method of access. We also get favorable rates and discounts from access hire companies which are passed on to our clients. Due to the nature of this type of access we are flexible with work times, often saving our clients huge amounts of money by working through the night or at weekends.


High Rise Window CleanersChair

(Abseiling / Rope Access )
This may sound dramatic, however in reality, provided qualified and certified rope access technicians are employed, it is a cost effective and above all safe access solution. In many places, industrial chair access boasts the best safety statistics in the whole of the access industry.


Stage / Cradles Window Cleaning Stage    

The window stage often seen in Los Angeles skies should only be operated by true skilled and experienced technicians. All of our operatives are experienced and competent with the various forms of stage systems. As virtually each system is unique and very costly, we maintain safety and never rush a project yet perform with measured speed for a cost effective and safe service.


Our Guarantee

Our experience is delivered with a high level of integrity at every service. Your satisfaction will be our continuous aim as we endeavor to make our services efficient and cost effective.

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