Please read prior to applying

         Must be able to do extensive ladder and pole work with speed and in all weather conditions. Must be able to independantly work residential accounts, strip centers, low rise buildings, storefronts. We require persons who are able to maintain a great relationship with the homeowner, have excellent manners, are honest and able to resolve any issues indepedently, have quality performance skills & service, and posess own transportation, English is a must.

You Must Work Independently, QUICKLY
Have a valid driver’s license, have a respectable appearance, be reachable, accountable and dependable.

  • Jobs require ladder work, We clean glass from 1 to 3 stories buildings
  • Will require minimal paperwork (very little)
  • Will require that you cover all material issues; breaking of glass, homeowner possesions.
Must possess the following:
  • Presentable Work truck or van
  • Cell Phone
  • Valid Driver's License

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