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We offer a variety of cleaning services to Villa Park residents, including: window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and chandelier cleaning. Serving Villa Park homes is our pleasure. Villa Park is know for its nature rich atmosphere and peaceful decadence. The Villa Park community is certainly widely admired. Residents can rely and trust Avid for their honesty, professionalism, and care. We here at Avid look forward to impressing you soon.

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Villa Park California

Villa Park is Orange County's smallest city, but one of its friendliest and most welcoming places to live. Through its quiet neighborhoods and residential streets; you find many homes with breath taking views.
The City of Villa Park is in the center of Orange County. It has an area of 2.1 square miles, a population of 6,500 and approximately 1,900 homes, and is almost 99% built out. With the exception of one shopping center, the City is zoned for single-family residences, most of which are on half-acre lots. The shopping center includes a grocery store, banks, a pharmacy with a postal substation, a variety of specialty shops and offices, the City Hall and community room, and a branch of the Orange County Public Library.

A Little About Villa Park

Villa Park is a beautiful city located in northern Orange County, California. Villa Park, was founded in 1962 and today has the smallest Orange County city population though La Palma is Orange County's smallest city in area. The 2000 census revealed the population to be 5,999. Villa Park currently includes about 2,000 homes. Villa Park has one public elementary school, middle school, and high school currently. It residents enjoy one small shopping center where they'll find a grocery store, a few banks, restaurants, a pharmacy, and other various stores and offices. There you'll also find City Hall, and a public library. Something unique to this part of southern Cali is the amount of homes in the area that have back yards with pools or tennis courts. Also the many trees and flowers that reside in Villa Park certainly whisk you away from the city atmosphere. How important it is to keep a program of regular window cleaning. Streets are commonly winding and have no sidewalks and no street lights. Villa Park is peaceful community completely surrounded by the city of Orange.

 A little History
Tongva and Juaneño/Luiseño nations long inhabited this area. After the  expedition of Gaspar de Portolà in 1769, an expedition led by priest Junipero Serra named the area Vallejo de Santa Ana (Valley of Saint Anne). On November 1, 1776, Mission San Juan Capistrano became the areas first permanent occupying European settlement in Alta California. Later in 1801 about 200 years after windows needing window cleaning became common in home, the Spanish Empire gave 62,500 acres to Jose Antonio Yorba. He named this area Rancho San Antonio. It included, among other modern lands, the area of Villa Park. Alta California became part of the United States in 1850 and Americans began to take residence. Villa Park was later incorporated as a city in 1962, though it was known in 1860's as Mountain View. Villa Park's city name came into effect when the post office was founded and the name Mountain View was already officially taken by another city up in Northern California. The window cleaning industry did not take root yet for Villa Park was, for many years, a simply agricultural area. It  produced, amony many other things, citrus, which was the major crop for about 60 years. It was the citrus ranchers who went on to establish Villa Park's incorporation. These ranchers established the Serrano Water District, which still exists today. They also founded The Villa Park Orchard's Association, still thriving in Orange. The citrus groves have since gave way to developers, but these pioneers have left an enduring legacy in half-acre zoning for housing, which has been instrumental in shaping the city's character.