Window Maintenance

1.  Glass is, in actuality, a porous stone material. It requires maintenance and and often treatment to retain its beauty and clarity. When not given a regular program of maintenance, stains tend to appear over time. On the outside of the windows there collect debris and mineralized stains that, left alone, may require replacement or restoration. Inside windows are subject to fingerprints, and a wide array of household airborne debris.  

2.   To prevent hard-water stains apply a glass sealant product (following labeling instructions) that is formulated to protect areas of glass that come into contact with water frequently; such as bathroom windows or outside windows near a sprinkler. If damage has already occurred, apply a hard-water removal liquid or powder (following labeling instructions), wash window thoroughly, then apply sealant.

3.   Never use ammonia or ammonia based cleaners on tinted glass.

   * More tips coming soon.

*AVID Window Services is not liable for any property damage or physical personal injuries that may occur while following our maintenance tip instructions. Proceed at your own risk. Also, we do not officially endorse any product or tool. Use at your own risk.

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