What Type of Window Do I Have?

Windows have many different purposes. First of all to provide a rooms inhabitant views beyond the containing walls and also it provides a great source of light. Windows also give a view into a room, providing the onlooker a glimpse of the rooms interior. A window is a major architectural and aesthetic point when sizing up a building, whether from the inside or outside. Windows also have the practical value of ventilation, and a method of escape in case of an emergency. Windows today come in all sizes, shapes, and colors and provide various functions. To put it simply the modern window has been developed to efficiently and masterfully provide both function and beauty.

      Types of Windows used Today

Common Double-hung sash window
      The traditional window. Double hung windows give one great control of a rooms ventilation. They have an upper sash that slides down and a lower one that slides up. The two parts are not necessarily the same size. Springs, weights, or friction mechanisms help move and position the sash. With certain types, the sash can be manipulated for cleaning purposes.  Nowadays, most new double-hung sash windows use spring balances to support the sashes, but traditionally, counterweights held in boxes either side of the window were used. These attached to the sashes using pulleys made with cords or chains.

Single-hung sash window
      The simpler and less expensive sash window where one sash is movable (usually the bottom one) and the other is not.

Casement window
      Casement windows are side-mounted on hinges  They open easily for cleaning on the hinge, swinging inward or outward. In the US they are usually opened with a crank, but in Europe they commonly use projection friction stays and espagnolette locking.

Awning window
      Awning windows are essentially horizontal casements that open out at the bottom with a hinge on top. These are often used for security but still give the rooms inhabitant a good view.

Styles and Shapes
Choose any one of these styles and shapes from some of these outstanding manufacturers that we carry:

Double Hung
Both sashes on double hung, windows open fully

Single Hung
Top sash remains fixed, bottom sash opens

Double Slider
Both sash open and close by gliding side to side

Single Slider
One sash opens and closed by gliding from side to side, while the other remains fixed

Sash are hinged on the side and crank open a full 90 degrees for maximum ventilation

Sash are hinged on top and crank out and upward

Picture windows are fixed and do not open or close

Created by mulling three windows at 30 or 45 degree angles

More rounded in appearance than a bay, bow windows are mulled at 10 degree angles

Garden Window
Feature functional casement sidelites and create a sunlit area to showcase plants or collectables

Choices for new Window Installation